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Why European Steel?

We searched for many years to find the best overseas source to make our European Damascus steel. We tried out several shops but there were always small issues with consistency on their quality. We have very high standards as we only want the best for our customers. 

As a result, we are now able to offer our incredible Damascus steel knives which are made from 1095 spring steel and 15N20 bandsaw steel with a minimum of 250 layers to give our knives that legendary Damascus look and edge retention. 

We then take that steel and fashion handle materials out of some of the most amazing and unique products we could find. We strengthen all of the handle material to ensure it will hold up to many years of use. Our final step is to coat the handle with a proprietary blend which is extremely hard and has UV inhibitors to stop any damage from UV rays. This coating also enhances the grip on the handles to help give the knives a slip resistance.

All of our knives are handmade and created one at a time so that we can ensure the knife you get will be perfect. We hope you enjoy your one of a kind, heirloom quality knife.


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