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Why USA Steel?

Our USA steel is similar to our European steel because of the type of steel which it's made. It is made using the same types of steel (1095 and 15N20) with similar layers (250) as our European steel.

However, we weren't satisfied stopping there just so we could say they're made in the USA. There's more time and effort put into our USA steel so that, even though our European steel is amazing, our USA steel is even better. We decided to focus on a twist pattern, done very tightly, to give many more cutting edges to the blade which will keep its edge even longer than most Damascus (which is really saying something).

We also put more time into the etching process so that you can literally "feel" the pattern in the steel. Again this adds not only to the look and appeal of the knife but also enhances that edge retention. We then spent years finding the very best sources for truly exceptional handle material. We take the finest highly figured wood and enhance its strength making the wood stable and waterproof. We also enhance other material such as bone, antler, and even cactus to make these knives into works of "functional art".

We then protect each knife with a proprietary blend which is extremely hard and has UV inhibitors to stop any damage from UV rays and also helps give your knife a slip resistance. Each knife will look amazing on display but also incredible hanging in its sheath by your side.

When you buy a USA knife from LaClaire's, you're getting a quality knife made in that time-honored tradition of American Handmade Craftsmanship